The concept

The perfect Tour drawing together all of life’s pleasures


Enjoy the relaxed pace of a ride with the sensation and pleasure of accelerating at each bend. The beauty of the countryside will pass before your eyes as you accelerate and will be engraved in your memory along with other unforgettable scenes.


After each bend in the road, you will discover the power of the Bay of Biscay and the beauty of the green hills. The Basque Country, Navarra, the Western Pyrenees and the region of Aquitaine in the south of France provide the ideal setting for living out your dreams on a motorbike.


The most demanding of palates can also enjoy rural cuisine while the engines on their motorbikes cool down. You will enjoy a fantastic culinary experience in the most typical restaurants, steakhouses and Basque cider bars.

The perfect tour

For adventure lovers, all you have to do is tune up the engine in line with your wishes to discover the beautiful countryside and cultures to be found in the Pyrenees, the Basque Country and Navarra.

About us

We are two-wheeler enthusiasts. Our passion for motorbikes has allowed us to build up some gratifying experiences and, after being involved in various sides of business management, we have decided to make our dreams come true and so we created BOREALIS MotoRent & Tours.

For years now, we have travelled the most fun highways and byways to organize some fascinating routes, blending attractive roads and countryside with the best cuisine. All this in a country where the mild climate lets us enjoy our motorbike without that suffocating heat of the south nor the extreme continental cold weather.

Whether you are on holiday or taking a brief stop-off from your daily commitments, what we intend is for you to enjoy yourself to the full on two wheels.

BOREALIS MotoRent & Tours is a concept combining sensations and freedom with the delights of the best cuisine.

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