Here at BOREALIS MotoRent and Tours we set out to provide an all-round service, renting vehicles that go one step beyond. Apart from the motorbike, this includes the petrol as well as soft drinks and food on route, the services of a guide with a broad experience in bike routes.

Tours lasting 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, all at a fixed price so that you know from the word go how much you are going to spend.

For tours lasting more than one day, and where requested, we can organize various accommodation options, as well as eating arrangements, at all times based on your requirements.

On request, we organize tailor-made routes, both in the country and on the European continent.

Our guides are experienced with all types of motorbikes, having covered over half a million kilometres along the roads and tracks in Europe, America and Africa. We have programmed routes throughout Europe and the United States.

We also rent our vehicles for routes without a guide.


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